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It has been our long held belief that its the people that make a company successful. Since it was established in 1970 Whitehall Garden Centre has strived to ensure the happiness of its customers and most importantly staff, as paramount to its vision almost 50 years on.

Many of the staff across our retail stores have worked for the company for many years and have a passion for their departments and what they sell. We encourage learning and give staff members the opportunity to expand their knowledge with suitable courses and on the job training.

We want our employees to feel great about the work they do so we ensure:

    • Their work is worthwhile and satisfying
    • They feel respected and valued whatever level of the business they work

We want our employees to be known for their passion for their work, friendliness and helpfulness. Our customers expect a high standard of customer service with our principle of ‘How can I go the extra mile for my customer?’, we want them to enjoy their day as an ‘experience’ rather than just another shop

The careers at Whitehall Garden Centre have grown from the traditional ‘horticultural expert’ to encompass a diverse range of job roles in our retail environments, warehouses and head office. There is a rewarding career for everyone wishing to develop themselves further.


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