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Ice Rink 2018 Terms and Conditions

Whitehall Garden Centres want you to enjoy your ice skating experience, the following are for you safety. Please ensure that you have read the following before taking to the ice and ensure at all times to listen to the Ice Rink Marshall’s and Ice Rink Management. Ice Rink Management reserves the right to refuse entry and Ice Rink Management decision is final. Whitehall Garden Centre Management reserves the right to refuse entry/eject patrons from the ice rink without refund. Refunds are only given at management discretion. Personal belongings left at the Ice Rink Skate Exchange are left at the owner’s risk.

Risk Assessment Statement

Please note that all users of Whitehall Garden Centres Ice Rink do so at their own risk. Skaters and spectators are deemed to have knowledge of and assume the inherent risks which include, but are not limited to, the following: injuries resulting from collision or contact with other skaters; injuries resulting from falls; injuries that involve objects or artificial structures that are properly within the intended path of travel of the skater; injuries resulting from wet flooring. Skating is not suitable for pregnant women or anyone with a heart condition. Please advise ice rink management if you, or anyone in your party, has a medical condition that may be affected by skating, lighting, loud music etc. Whitehall Garden Centres pride its self on being a company committed to taking all reasonable steps in accommodating the needs of disabled people to enable them to enjoy the activities, events and workshops we offer. These following rules are governed by the company whom we hire the ice rink from and Whitehall Garden Centres are obliged to ensure the following is enforced.

Ice Rink Rules and Code of Conduct for your enjoyment and everyone’s safety

We want you to enjoy your ice skating experience, so please adhere to these basic principles:

• Do note that all users of the Ice Rink skate at their own risk
• Ensure children younger than 8 are accompanied by an adult on the ice
• Do make sure skates are correctly tightened
• Do wear warm clothing including socks and gloves
• Do skate in an anticlockwise direction ONLY
• Do be aware of your limits and do not exceed them; if you need help ask an Ice Marshall
• Do notify an Ice Marshall immediately if you are hurt or see anyone injured
• Do take your hands off the ice should you fall. To get up, bring one leg up, place hands on your knee and push yourself up. Do not crawl to the side barriers, if you cannot get up please alert an Ice Marshall
• Do notify an Ice Marshall if you notice any dangerous behaviour or someone not complying with rink rules
• Do obey instructions given by the Ice Rink Management and Ice Marshall’s.
• Do note Whitehall Garden Centres Ice Rink operates a 3 step warning, and following this you will be requested to leave the Ice Rink
• Do put litter in the bins provided
• Do tell your child, if separated, to find the nearest Ice Marshall and stay with them at all times
• Do note that abusive or anti-social behaviour will not be tolerated and will result in immediate expulsion from the rink
• Do note that tickets are non-transferable and non-refundable.
• In exceptional circumstances and at the sole discretion of Whitehall Management, the Ice Rink may need to be closed. In this event, everything will be done to rearrange another convenient time and date (however this maybe subject to availability).
• Do note Skate Aids can be exchanged for an alternative character; however, this cannot be exchanged until after the first 15 minutes of the session has passed and is subject to availability.
• Do not wear ice skates anywhere other than within Skate Exchange and the Ice Rink itself
• Do not try and run with skates on
• Do obey Ice Marshall’s in case of any emergency
• Do not return to Ice Skate Exchange if any alarms have been raised, follow all Ice Marshall’s directions
• Do not sit or climb over the safety barrier
• Do not congregate or block up any Ice Rink exits, fire exits or barrier entrances
• Do not chip or throw any ice or snowballs
• Do not skate at excessive speed
• Do not smoke, drink or eat on the ice
• Do not consume alcohol before attempting to skate
• Do not skate in chains of more than two
• Do not play tag
• Do not wear long scarves, long coats, or dangly jewellery on the ice
• Do not wear peaked caps or hoods on the ice
• Do not carry handbags/any bags on the ice
• Do not use mobile phones/cameras on the ice
• Do not carry young babies or children on the ice
• Do not play with or move fire equipment within Whitehall Garden Centre’s Ice Rink