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Grow Your Own – Now Available

Thursday February 14, 10:42am

Grow your own this year with Whitehall Garden Centre

Growing your own vegetables is not only good for the environment but a highly rewarding hobby. The taste of a home grown potato or vegetable can’t be beaten not to mention the bragging rights allowed to friends and family when they compliment how brilliant they are!

We have everything you need at Whitehall to ensure you get the very best out of your potato & vegetable crops this year – from grow bags & fertilisers to propagators. Visit us in store today.

Seeds Potatoes

Planting in the ground

Planting Depth Spacing in Row Width between rows
First Earlies 10cm (4″) 30cm (12″) 60-70cm (24-28″)
Second Earlies 10cm (4″) 30-40cm (12-16″) 70-75cm (28-30″)
Maincrop 10cm (4″) 40-45cm (16-18″) 70-75cm (28-30″ )
  • The first shoots should emerge from the ridges after 3–4 weeks. The row should be ridged up again to cover the shoots. Harvest when the flowers open or the buds drop.
  • To plant draw out a shallow trench 10-15cm (4–6in) deep and space the potatoes 30–40cm (12–16in) apart. Draw the soil over the seed potatoes using a rake or hoe to cover and form ridges over the rows. Provided soil is moist watering should not be necessary at this stage.
  • Soil should be well-worked and rich in farm yard manure or garden compost.
  • Earth up two to three times as the top grows, to avoid green tubers.
  • Feed with a balanced fertiliser and always water well during dry weather.

Planting in containers or Grow bags

  • Try Charlotte, Maris Peer and Vivaldi or most early varieties.
  • Plant one or two tubers to a 20 litre pot, or 3 in our buckets/bags.
  • In grow bags, reduce length by a third to give more depth and plant 3 tubers to a bag.
  • Keep well watered. If any potatoes come to the surface, cover with more compost or black plastic to prevent the tubers turning green.

Nutritional facts 

  • Boiled potatoes have the 2nd highest concentration of folic acid after bread. Baked in its skin, an average sized spud contains over 30% of the Recommended Daily Allowance.
  • Potatoes provide approx 15% of Britain’s Vitamin C intake. Rice and pasta provide none whatever.
  • The British Nutrition Foundation says that one of the keys to healthy weight-loss is to eat ‘more carbohydrate-rich foods such as potatoes’.
  • Potatoes are 72-75% water, 16-20% carbohydrate, 2-2.5% protein, 0.15% fatty acids, 1-1.8% dietary fibre.
  • Potatoes actually top bananas in potassium content: a medium banana contains roughly 450 mg, while a medium baked potato or 20 French fries contains 750 mg.
  • One medium potato supplies, on average, 30 mg vitamin C, nearly as much as in a glass of tomato juice and 1.5 mg iron, which is around the same amount as in an egg.


Vegetable Seeds

All the seeds in our vegetable range come with sowing instructions for best results and largest crop. If you’re unsure on how to get the best out of your seeds why not speak to one of our helpful plant staff who will be more than happy to give you the perfect advice on planting.


Summer Flowering Bulbs

Summer flowering bulbs are perfect to fill a border or area around a tree or garden structure to bring it to life with colour. Taking up very little space in the ground when planted they are ideal for squeezing as a little more into your borders. 

Plant your bulbs now and enjoy the blooms this summer.