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Our collection of Christmas candles will make your home smell every bit as good as it looks

Making sure your house looks the part at Christmas is important, but you shouldn't neglect the importance of a sweet-smelling home. Notes of ginger and clove, spice and pine, can make all the difference when trying to cultivate the right atmosphere, especially a festive one.

Choose bold colours like golds and bronzes to add warmth or classic whites and silvers for that traditional look and feel. Our copper-dipped tapered candles complement rustic colour schemes, and our range of lanterns and glittery pillar candles are great for brightening modern homes.

From floral fragrances to spicy blends, our selection of colourful seasonal candles includes a rich variety of tempting aromas. Revamping a room's dcor can be costly and time consuming. But with one of our scented candles, you can change the atmosphere of a room almost instantly.