With spring on the way, now is the perfect time to start thinking about your garden furniture. If you are planning on adding something new to your garden this year, you should stop and think first. There are common mistakes that customers make and you should avoid when looking for the right furniture options for you. Otherwise, you could end up with garden furniture that doesn’t last or isn’t fit for purpose. Here are 5 mistakes to avoid when purchasing garden furniture.

1. Size

The very first thing you should consider when purchasing new garden furniture is the size you would like. The first step before going to look for what you will buy is taking the relevant measurements of the space you want to fill. Not considering the size of your garden is one of the most common mistakes made by customers.

Make not of the size of the space where the furniture will go and then when you are our browsing different furniture options, you can ignore sets which will be too big or too small. 

To avoid this mistake, take time to properly measure your space and leave plenty of space so that the furniture isn’t crammed in. If you decide to make your purchase online, check the measurements in the product description.

Don’t forget to take a tape measure if buying in store!

2. Impulse buying

When looking for your new garden furniture, it’s easy to initially see the design, colour, pattern or style and decide it’s perfect and exactly what you’re looking for – without any further consideration, you buy it. Whether online or in store, impulse buying can be a bit mistake. Not only does it create impracticalities, but without careful consideration, you could come to regret your decision.

Taking more time to consider your options and view more products that are available will ensure you choose garden furniture that is suited for your needs and your garden. Impulse buying can ultimately lead to disappointment where you may not enjoy your outside space.

3. Not considering you garden environment

Another common mistake you can make when purchasing new garden furniture is not considering your garden environment. Remembering where you are going to place the furniture is often overlooked.

Will it be placed on decking? A patio? On the lawn? For example, purchasing fabric furniture would not be ideal for a lawn, choosing furniture with thin legs will slide on decking planks etc. With many different materials, you will able to find the perfect furniture suited to your garden environment.

It is also important to think about where your garden is situated. Inland locations are not going to be exposed to salt winds unlike gardens by the coast. The salt can cause rust and corrosion to mental furniture. 

4. Choosing low cost over quality

When it comes to purchasing something like garden furniture, going for the cheap options will never be the right choice. As tempting as it might be to try and save some money, it is likely to cost you more in the long run. With garden furniture, you get what you pay for. Investing a little bit more will give you good quality furniture that could last you a lifetime (if treated well)!

Cheaper options are often made of cheap materials that can break easily and won’t hold up well is adverse weather conditions. Then once the furniture breaks, you’ll be replacing it and spending even more money. When browsing for your garden furniture, it is important to take quality into account.

5. Weather

As we all know, the weather in the UK can be very unpredictable. With swift changes from sunny to raining, you need to make sure you take the typical weather into account when buying new outside furniture. Consider all possibilities – rain, wind, snow, frost. Choosing a durable and weather-proof furniture option will make sure it lasts and you will be able to enjoy it for longer.  

While we recommend you store your garden furniture during colder months, we recognise that not everyone will have space to keep it locked away for that long. In most cases, the garden furniture will be sitting outside through the winter months. Even during summer, you need to prepare for every contingency and make sure the furniture is waterproof.


Remember, buying garden furniture is not a quick job! It should take time to evaluate different options, finding the perfect option for your outside space. Avoiding these mistakes when buying garden furniture will help save you from disappointment.

We have a fabulous selection of garden furniture in various colours and styles in store and online. Visit us in store where our staff can help you ensure you avoid these mistakes and purchase the perfect product for you!


Shannon Lloyd