How to grow herbs indoors-image

How to grow herbs indoors

This how-to grow herbs indoors advice will ensure you get the best from your herbs for the longest harvesting period you can and help to keep your herbs looking fresh and thriving indoors. Growing herbs inside is both great if you have little or no space outside but also if you want to be able to harvest herbs as and when you are cooking without heading out into the garden every time, having some growing on the kitchen windowsill can be very convenient. 
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How to grow fruit on your balcony-image

How to grow fruit on your balcony

Imagine picking and eating your own fresh fruit straight from your balcony garden. It’s perfectly possible to do – many fruit trees and bushes grow well in pots and look beautiful and taste delicious. Here’s how to grow your own fruit on your balcony.
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Garden Furniture For Smaller Outdoor Spaces-image

Garden Furniture For Smaller Outdoor Spaces

At Whitehall we sell many different garden furniture sets... but what about for those with smaller spaces? Don't worry we've got you covered! Whether you are looking for a sofa, dining, balcony or other set we have it all! Here are our favourite garden furniture sets for your smaller gardens/patios/balcony.

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How to plant bare root roses-image

How to plant bare root roses

With their beautiful flowers and superb fragrance, roses add glamour and style to any garden and planting them as bare-root plants allow you to choose from a wide range of varieties. They’re cheaper than container-grown roses, so you can indulge yourself without hurting your pocket! Here's our guide on how to plant bare-root roses and how to take care of them. 
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15 gardening tips for May-image

15 gardening tips for May

May’s a beautiful month to get out into the garden, with spring in full bloom and everything bursting back into life.  Here are our 15 gardening tips for May to get your garden looking its best for summer.
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Tips for lawn care in April-image

Tips for lawn care in April

Winter can be tough on lawns, so as the weather warms up and the days get brighter, it’s good to pay your lawn some attention to get it back into shape for the summer. Here are our top tips for April lawn care.

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15 gardening tips for April-image

15 gardening tips for April

It’s April, and all around us, the garden is bursting back into life! As spring gets underway, now’s the perfect time to get outdoors and get your garden into shape for the coming year. Here are our top 15 gardening tips for April.
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