There is no better taste, than home grown summer berries. Now is the perfect time to plant fruit bushes for a harvest of delicious fruits next summer and autumn! Easy to grow and care for, fruit bushes are perfect for beginner gardeners and experienced growers.

Fruit bushes are happiest when planted in full sun, and can be grown in beds, borders and even large containers. When planting into the ground, dig a hole wider than the plant, so you have room to add some compost. This will ensure the plant has a good supply of nutrients as it establishes into your garden. Plant the plant in the ground and firm the soil around the plant. Give it plenty of water, and add mulch around the surface of the soil, which helps to keep the moisture. We advise planting several bushes, so that you have a good supply of fruit throughout the season.

If you’re planting into a container, make sure it is at least 45cm in diameter, so that the fruit bush has plenty of space to grow through the year. You will need to keep an extra eye on the water levels in a container, ensuring the soil doesn’t dry out. Be aware that pots can also become water logged and are prone to freezing through the winter months, so extra protection may be required.

As fruit forms, protect your bushes from birds, who love to indulge in the sweet berries. Cover the bushes with netting or build a frame around a group of bushes and cover with a mesh to keep birds at bay!
After harvesting, as the season turn again to winter, you will need to prune your plants to ensure you get a good crop of fruit the following summer/autumn. Check your individual variety for exact pruning guidance as some fruits require slightly different pruning. However the majority of fruit bushes should be cut right back hard to encourage lots of new growth.
We have lots of varieties of berries for you to choose from. The ever-popular Raspberry and Blackberry, to the more unusual Honeyberry, Boysenberry and Loganberry. Gooseberries are delicious when bakes into pies and crumbles, and Blueberries are fantastic to eat when picked straight from the bush! Explore our vast range of soft fruit bushes in our stores now, and ask our plant experts for more help and advice.