Decorating your perfect Christmas Tree

Whether you're looking to invest in an artificial Christmas Tree or whether you buy a real cut tree each year, our guide is here to help you get the best out of your decorations! Gather up your favourite ornaments, add in a few new and get ready to create your most beautiful Christmas yet!

  1. Choose your tree! If it's artificial, invest in a high quality tree that will last you for years to come. Consider the size of your room, and the height of your ceilings.
  2. Take time to shape your branches to make your tree look full and luscious. If you have a real tree, soak it overnight in water to ensure the needles are kept longer on the tree.
  3. Choose your colours and theme. Whether it's traditional red, green and gold or something more daring and fun, we have decorations to suit you!
  4. Start with the lights. We recommend 100 lights / 5m of lights per 2ft of tree. Start from the base of the tree and zig zag all the way to the top.
  5. Next add your baubles, cluster the larger ornaments in groups of 3 and spread these across the tree to create balance. Try to have feature decorations running down the front of the tree to draw the eye into a focal point.
  6. Add similar ornaments throughout and add more subtle decorations such as berries, pine cones and birds to add fullness to the tree, without overpowering the larger decorations.
  7. Add your tree topper. Choose a size that suits the size of your tree, and don't forget to consider the height of your room! Select from angels, stars, bows or something a bit more bold and unusual.
  8. Take a step back and check the balance of decorations across the tree. Finish off with a tree skirt and then reflect the theme and colour across the rest of the room for the festive season. 

Visit us in-store or online and start to create your perfect Christmas Tree!