There are plenty of ways to give garden birds a helping hand through the harsh winter weather. The absence of leaves through the season also makes them more visible in the garden, so it's a great idea to make your garden a haven for our favourite characters to see how many different birds you can spot! 

Leave out bird seed

Food is scarce during the winter, and birds will be attracted to your garden and will keep returning if you provide a good nutritious mix of bird seed. Make sure you choose a good blend of seeds, as different birds prefer certain varieties of seed! Suet Balls are a great choice during the winter, as they are high in calories, vital for birds through the cold months. Sunflower seeds and peanuts are also great options and will attract Robins, Tits, Finches and House Sparrows. 

Introduce a bird bath or water feature

Creating a space for birds to bathe and drink is a great way to encourage birds into the garden. They also make great platforms for the birds, making it easier for you to birdwatch from your window. Be sure to place the water source in a shaded area, and remove any ice that may form. Shallow water is best, so smaller birds can stand in it, and bathe safely. 

Add a nestbox

If you have a tree, fencing or a tall wall in your garden, think about adding a nest box. Birds will find them over time and use them to nestle down inside throughout the year. Mount the boxes away from direct sunlight, and away from potential predators. The type of box will determine the type of bird that uses it, so think about which birds you'd like to see more of in your garden!

Plant berried bushes 

Introducing plants with berries such as Common Holly, Rowan and Hawthorn, will provide food for birds and will add lots of colour and interest into any garden through the winter. 

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