Another gardening season is fast approaching and soon we will be spending quality time in the garden again. While January is a relatively quiet month in the garden, there are still some plants you can start to sow seeds indoors and plant ready for summer flowering. Here are some flowers which are ready to plant in January.


Sweet Peas

Sweet peas come in a range of different colours. The ideal time to start planting your sweet peas us late winter or early spring. As soon as your soil is dry enough, consider planting your sweet peas to see them flower ready for summer. The ideal location to plant sweet peas is where the flower heads will get plenty of sun, but the roots will be kept in cool, moist soil.



Begonias are a great plant that doesn’t require much care in comparison with other outdoor plants. Requiring low light, these plants can be grown outdoors or used as indoor houseplants making them easy to take care of. They are ideal for planting in containers, hanging baskets, and flower beds. Start planting these outside after the last frosts. In the meantime, sowing the seeds now indoors can get you off to a good start. When transferring the plants outside, avoid planting them in direct sunlight.



Blooming between spring and autumn, verbenas are another flower you can start planting now. These plants can tolerate a lot of heat and are long blooming. The ideal planting time for verbena seeds is indoors around 8 weeks before the last frost. Then in March, the seedlings can be transferred outside. You should avoid planting in very thick clay soil. They are loved by pollinators too!



Often called snapdragons, Antirrhinums are ideal to start sowing around February-March ready for planting in May. You will then see them bloom during the summer months right up until October. Very easy to grow and available in lot of colours, Antirrhinums can add a touch of vibrancy to your flowerbed. Antirrhinums like full sunlight to grow. Make sure when they are ready for outdoor planting that they are well-drained.


While there may not be lots to do in the garden just yet, you can definitely get started on some sowing. Visit us in store to browse our selection of seeds and bulbs to start getting your garden ready for the summer months. With a variety of colours available, your garden will be looking beautiful


Shannon Lloyd