House plants even you can't kill

House plants are growing increasingly popular, perfect for bringing nature into the home, great for those without gardens or with small outdoor spaces, and with plenty of known benefits. But not everyone who enjoys plants have a green thumb, if you think this might be you, we have some tips and advice to share.

There are many types of house plants that require very little attention, plants that thrive in low sunlight, plants that survive on small amounts of water. The key is to look at the room you would like to place your new plant in. Have a look at the light conditions, how warm is the room? Choose a plant that suits the room.

Here are our recommendations for easy care plants, and some information about the conditions that they prefer.

Unlike most other plants, Air plants do not need any soil to grow and survive. Placed in bright, indirect light these plants are often grown in terrariums, as they like warmer temperatures. Once a week soak the whole plant in a bowl of water, for about 20 minutes to an hour.

As a succulent, Aloe Vera needs very little water and likes bright rooms. Place out of direct sunlight, but in very light spots, Aloes can grow up to 3 feet tall!

This unusual looking plant is extremely tolerant of drought and of hot temperatures. Place in a bright spot and provide water when the soil gets dry to touch. Water less frequently in the Autumn and Winter and avoid placing in high humidity such as kitchens and bathrooms.

The Cast Iron plant can survive in very poor conditions. It prefers lower light, and prefers high humidity. You can mist the leaves every few days and make sure the soil is dry before you water.

Producing red or deep pink flowers in early winter, the Christmas Cactus likes low light but will produce many more flowers if it is placed in brighter light. Water frequently in Spring and Summer and keep the soil slightly moist.

Devil’s Ivy is a trailing vine plant that can survive very low light conditions making it perfect for rooms with small windows. They are even tolerant of artificial light, great for taking to the office! They can also withstand under and over watering, a common killer of house plants!

The Jade plant prefer sunny positions by a window, but can survive weeks without watering. Allow the soil to completely dry out before giving them water, checking regularly so that they don’t go too long between watering.

This trailing plant looks beautiful cascading down from shelves or on a mantlepiece. Happy in dull or sunny positions, let the surface of the soil dry out before you water, don’t let the roots get saturated.

Snake plants like to have very infrequent watering. During the winter, you can water as little as 2 or 3 times through the whole season. Tolerant of low light, these plants are great beginner house plants.


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