House plants – Foliage

Whilst flowers are usually the star of the show for gardens and window boxes, more leafy house plants can create a wonderful and refreshing indoor display. Darker leaves require less light and so are suitable for most rooms of the house! Most house plants originate from more tropical climes than the UK, and so can withstand our heating through the winter months, and our summers. Some originate from forest floors and prefer darker conditions. Some, like the Banana plant require huge amounts of energy to produce fruit, and so have large leaves and prefer direct sunlight. Here is a guide to some of our favourite house plants!  


Trailing Ivy Hedera helix

Ivy can be grown as a climber or as a trailing plant. It looks incredible when left to trail over the sides of a hanging pot. Enjoying moist conditions and indirect sunlight, this evergreen climber is capable of growing to heights of 30 metres!


Common Ivy Header helix

Zebra Plant Aphelandra Squarrosa

Also known as the Zebra plant, Aphelandra Squarrosa is native to Brazil where it grows on forest floors and is well adapted to shade, making it an ideal houseplant for steamy bathrooms. Prefers indirect or partial light, with lots of warmth, moisture and humidity.


Zebra Plant

Elephant Ear Plant Alocasia Zebrina

Despite the striking zebra striped stems, Alocasia Zebrina is also known as the Elephant Ear plant because of its big, ear shaped leaves. Native to brazil, this plant can be found growing at the base of large trees. Thriving with lots of indirect light, you should water regularly to keep the soil lightly moist.


Elephant Ear Plant

Prayer Plant Calathea Mix

Calathea move their leaves throughout the day to maximize their light absorption, and have beautifully patterned leaves.  Calathea thrive best in medium to bright indirect light, but can tolerate low light conditions. Water every 1-2 weeks, allowing the soil to dry out between watering.


Calathea Prayer Plants

Dwarf Banana Plant Musa dwarf Cavendish – in-store only

Banana plants need a lot of light and can even tolerate strong direct sunlight, unlike many other house plants. This makes them perfect for placing in front of large windows.


Sweetheart Plant Philodendron Scan. Brasil – in-store only

The heart-shaped leaves of this plant are streaked with irregular and variated green and golden tones.


Sweetheart plant

From Peace Lilies and trailing plants to big and impressive Calatheas, visit us online or visit us in-store to see our range of house plants. We also stock beautiful plant pots to suit your home and your selection of plants!