Christmas trees out, Houseplants in! 

National Houseplant week is a time dedicated for plant lovers to come together and share their passion for indoor planting. It’s an opportunity to celebrate their positive impacts on our wellbeing and environment. Participating in Houseplant Week UK can be a rewarding and enjoyable experience. Here are some ways you can celebrate this week:

1. Buy a new houseplant:

We have a fantastic selection of low-maintenance houseplants on offer in our garden centres. From tiny cacti to Monterius monsteras, you are bound to find the perfect plant to add to your collection. When choosing a new houseplant, you should be thinking about what suits your space and care abilities.

2. Learn about your plants:

Using this time to research the care needs of your existing houseplant would be a perfect way to acknowledge this week. Understanding the individual requirements of your houseplants will ensure they thrive and last for a long time.

3. Share plant care tips:

If you’re a keen houseplant parent and you know a lot about the proper care of different houseplants, or you have any tips or tricks, sharing your knowledge with friends and family would be a great way to celebrate this week and encourage others to take part too.


Houseplants are the perfect way to introduce new life into your home this January. And what better time to purchase a new one than during Houseplant week! Visit any of our garden centres to see our full range!

Shannon Lloyd