We all know them, we may have gifted one, we may have been given one. Poinsettias have had a long standing connection to Christmas. Their vibrant red leaves are striking, and have become quintessentially festive. We explore where they're from, their history and connection to Christmas, and how to care for them.

Originating in Mexico, Poinsettias were named after Joel Roberts Poinsett, who is thought to have introduced the plant to North America in the 1820's. There are many stories about how the Poinsettia came to be associated with Christmas, and there is no way to be sure what the real reason is. A Mexican legend tells of a little girl who could only afford to bring a weed to her local Church as a celebration of the Nativity, and as she placed it down, crimson red blossoms bloomed from the weed and became the Poinsettia. Some believe the reason is the similarity of the shape of the central leaves to that of the Star of Bethlehem. Whatever you believe, Poinsettias are undeniably festive and are enjoyed by many!

So, how do you look after them? 

Position your Poinsettia in a sunny, bright window, they love direct sunlight. Water them at least once a week once the soil has become dry to the touch. You can even plant your Poinsettia out in your garden, once the risk of frost has passed. 

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