Tips for gardening in February

There is plenty to do in the garden this month! 

February is the month where things start to come to life in the garden. As the days start to feel longer, signs of spring are emerging. Spring bulbs are popping up through the ground and it won't be long before buds appear on trees. There are lots of opportunities this month to start off your growing season. Let's explore the jobs you can do this month!

1. Dahlia tubers can be sewn in trays to encourage new shoots to grow. These shoots can then be used for cuttings to create new plants. Visit us in-store for a range of Dahlia tubers to grow this year.

2. If you're hoping to grow potatoes this year, you can start with 'earlier' this month. Start by 'chitting' the seed potato. Place them in a sunny windowsill and wait for shoots to appear before planting out. We sell a big range of seed potatoes in-store, ask our plant experts for more help and advice. 

3. Now is a great time to lift, divide and replant Snowdrops. As these bulbs need to be lifted and planted 'in the green' meaning they have only just finished flowering. This is a great way to spread your display of these winter favourites!

4. Sow Chilli and Tomato seeds in a warm windowsill or a heated propagator. Keep them warm and well watered. Visit us in-store for our range of tomato, chilli and other fruit and vegetable seeds. 

5. Summer annuals can also now be sown. Look at Snapdragons, Cosmos, Lobelia and Dahlias for beautiful summertime colour. Look out for our guide to growing a cottage garden, summer annuals are key to creating these floaty, dreamy gardens.

6. For some early springtime interest, consider planting up a hardy spring bedding container. Fill with pretty spring flowers such as Primroses and Wallflowers. This will add a splash of colour and freshness until the summer blooms arrive. Visit our bedding terraces in-store for our spring bedding plants!

7. Cut back Wisteria to encourage an even bigger and better display later in the year. Use clean and sharp clippers to remove summer shoots to leave 2-3 buds. 

8. Finish tidying and cleaning the garden. Make sure you have cleaned any greenhouses inside and outside to allow as much sunlight to get to your plants. 

Visit us in store for everything you will need to begin your February to do list!