With the beginning of a new year, many of us will be turning to focus on our gardens for the next season. Although there isn't much to do in the garden in February, now is the perfect time to start nurturing bulbs ready for flowering! 


Why should you grow from bulbs? 

Growing your flowers from bulbs can generate lots of vibrant colour varieties. It will also give you much more control over how your garden looks and where you can plant your flowers. Bulbs can be planted in many containers and borders. 

Bulbs are surprisingly easy to grow and don't require much effort to take care of, but the spectacular end results can be very rewarding. With planting bulbs, you can get flowers throughout the year depending on the variety you plant. From spring tulips to nerines in autumn, your garden can bloom throughout the year! 


What is the best time to start planting bulbs? 

Knowing when to plant your bulbs is arguably the most difficult factor, especially if you are new to gardening. You need to get the timing exactly right, otherwise the bulbs may not flower. Depending on when the bulbs bloom will determine when they should be planted 

Spring flowering 

Spring bulbs are some of the most popular due to their versatility and bright colours. Spring blooming bulbs include Tulips, Hyacinths, and Daffodils - perfect after a gloomy winter. Spring bulbs flower from March to May depending on when you plant them. For March, consider planting in September and for May, consider planting in October. Planting location can also make a difference in how well the flowers bloom. Ideally, spring bulbs will be planted in exposed sunlight with fast drainage. 

Summer flowering 

If you've missed the spring season, you still have plenty of opportunity with summer flowering bulbs. Like with spring bulbs, there are a great variety of types and colours of summer bulbs. Summer bulbs include Lilies, Begonias, and Dahlias. These should be planted during the springs, between March and May, to achieve blooms throughout June to September. These bulbs do not survive well in cold temperatures, so try not to plant these too early! 

Autumn/Winter flowering 

Even when summer is over, there are still many flowers you can enjoy throughout the next few months. Autumn and Winter flowering bulbs are able to withstand the colder weather and survive through darker and shorter days. Autumn flowering bulbs should be planted during summer. The earlier you plant them, the sooner they will flower in Autumn. Winter flowering bulbs should be planted in Autumn, ideally between October and November. 


Tips for planting bulbs 

Check the bulbs are healthy 

Successful bulb planting starts when you purchase high-quality bulbs at the garden centre. Look for bulbs that are plump and firm. Look for big bulbs; the bigger they are, the more they generally bloom compared to smaller bulbs in the same variety.

Planting in pots 

Most bulbs do just as well in containers as they do in the ground. Create pots of spring bulbs by sinking them in the ground to avoid the winter cold. Or store then in containers in a cold garage or storage shed. When the bulbs fade, replace them with warm-weather favourites.   

Planting depth and which way up?

A common question with gardeners is how deep should you plant your bulbs. Generally, you should dig a hole 6 to 9 inches deep. Of course, there are some exceptions, so check the planting directions that come with the bulbs for further information.

The next most common bulb-planting question is “Which side up should I plant them?”. If the bulbs have a pointed end, that’s usually the side that faces up. If you don’t see a pointy side, look for where the roots come out, and that will be the end that needs to be planted downward.

Sunlight and shade 

When planting bulbs, you should always consider your planting location. Hardy bulbs bloom more successfully in direct sunlight, whereas other bulbs prefer growing in some shade. Woodland-type flowers prefer a spot planted underneath a tree or in the shade.

Planting bulbs in the garden is a great way to introduce more colour and vibrancy. Whatever the season, there are plenty of bulbs you can plant to keep your garden looking perfect. Following these tips will ensure you have a fantastic display of plants and flowers throughout 2024!


And there you have it - These are our tips and tricks for planting bulbs for blooming flowers throughout the entire year! We have a great selection of bulbs and potted bulbs in store, visit us soon to get started on your 2024 garden. 


Shannon Lloyd