Tips for gardening in January

There is plenty to do in the garden this month, although most plants are dormant, we can still get out and make a difference. 

January is the month for the big clean up. Tidying both plants and plants beds, storage spaces and greenhouses. No matter how big your garden, there is always a job to be done. Let's explore the jobs you can do this month!

1. Start by deadheading any winter flowering pansies and flowering plants in your beds and containers. Take care to look for any plants that look like they are affected by downy mildew. This is caused by the prolonged wet conditions we experience through winter. Look out for white and yellow patches that appear on older leaves. Remove these leaves to reduce the spread.

2. Prune fruit trees, such as apple and pears, to remove any damaged or diseased branches. This will prevent the tree from wasting any energy on damaged growth, and stop the spread of disease. 

3. If you have a greenhouse, now is a great time to have a good clear out. Remove any broken pots, sweep any debris and tidy any shelving. You don't want to create nesting places for any unwanted visitors! You can now start to open vents during sunnier days to prevent damp and humidity. Check the glass, is there any dirt or grime? Give them a wipe over to keep the space clean and hygienic. 

4. Repair any damage to fences, sheds and raised beds and containers. Get everything in a good condition for the start of the growing season. That way, you can focus your energy on planting, plant care and enjoying your hard work!

5. Clean dirt and algae from walls and pathways. Patios and slabbed walkways can become very slippery over the autumn and winter, making them dangerous to walk on in damp conditions. We sell patio cleaner in our stores that does all the hard work for you!

6. Keep bird baths free of ice, and topped up with water. Regularly check bird feeders are filled with bird seed to ensure visiting wild garden birds are kept happy and healthy! Find all your bird accessories online here.

7. Finally, dig through your beds and borders, removing any dead leaves and debris. This prepares the soil ready for planting a little later in the season!

Don't forget to protect your hands with some of our robust gardening gloves! You can find them in-store or online here. Stay warm and enjoy preparing your garden for the year ahead!

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