Houseplants are an excellent way of bringing life and colour into your homes, especially as we head into these autumn/winter months. These are our top 3 easiest houseplants to maintain.

1. Peace Lilies

The first popular choice for easy houseplants is the Peace Lily. This is a low-maintenance indoor plant that tolerates low light, low humidity, and inconsistent watering. When this plant needs watering it will show you physical signs, giving clear instructions so it never goes hungry. 

The long-lasting white flowers are most common in summer, but may occur any time of year and also have air purifying qualities. The life expectancy and spread of a Peace Lily is up to 10 years with up to 1.2m in hight and 0.6m in width.

2. Monstera

Monsteras are known be being a great investment for those seeking a reliable, fast-growing houseplant. Not only will they reach heights of over 2m within a few years, but they are also very low maintenance plants to take care of.

Monsteras can survive in low light but will grow faster in high indirect sunlight.  When the top inch of soil is dry, these plants need watering. Providing moist soil and a support to grow up, will allow the plant to grow big and strong within a few years.


3. Spider Plants

This is a classic houseplant, easy to grow and easy to care for. These are hugely popular plants and one of the most tolerant indoor plants you can grow. Spider plants can cope well in low and artificial light. However, they should be kept away from strong, direct sunlight as this will cause their leaves to crisp. They should be watered regularly during spring and summer and more occasionally through autumn and winter (for example, when the top few inches of soil are dry)

There are some real benefits to having Spider Plants in your home as they are useful for removing harmful toxins from the surrounding air. They can even lower carbon monoxide levels too! Plant up in pots and place on a high shelf or windowsill or display in hanging planters.


There are many other houseplants that are easy to maintain in a home. Visit us this weekend to see our full collection of beautiful houseplants and add some life back into your home this winter.


Shannon Lloyd