January is the beginning of the gardening year. Now is the time for a fresh start, renewed energy and great planning for the year ahead of us.


Jobs in the garden during January mostly consist of keeping things trim and tidy, preparing for the spring or summer that is fast approaching. If you’re itching to get started with your perfect 2024 garden, there are of course some plants you can begin to sow and plant such as sweet pea seeds and Begonias. Click here to read our recent blog on ‘what flowers to plant now to create your perfect summer garden’!


January gardening checklist:


  • Clear away soggy, collapsed stems of perennials and compost them
  • Deadhead winter pansies and other bedding regularly, and remove any foliage affected by downy mildew
  • Continue pruning climbing roses, while they are dormant
  • Press mistletoe berries into the bark of apple trees to establish your own mistletoe plant
  • Sort out your seeds, throwing away any empty or out of date packets and noting down anything to purchase in the new year
  • Regularly inspect sorted crops, discarding any showing signs of rot or deterioration
  • Order seed potatoes, onions, shallots and garlic bulbs for planting in the spring


Garden maintenance in January


An excellent New Year’s resolution to keep is introducing new wildlife into your garden. Make sure you’re topping up bird baths with fresh water daily and melt ice with warm water on frosty days to ensure that birds can still pay a visit into your garden. Birds will be beginning their nesting season soon, now is the perfect time to put up bird boxes in sheltered spots, on tree trunks, or walls. Also, trim back any ivy or other climbers that have outgrown their space, before the birds begin nesting.


If you are eager to get your garden ready for summer and start planting, give your empty pots and seed trays a thorough scrubbing ready to start sowing your seeds and growing your beautiful garden.


2024 has already seen its fair share of adverse weather and storms. It is important to repair wobbly or damages fences, and treat wooden structures with preservative during dry spells after the effects of strong winds, rains, and frosts.


Finally, 2024 should be the year for garden sustainability. Make sure to remove debris from shed and greenhouse guttering, so winter rain can fill up your water butt


Shannon Lloyd