We have lots of different garden furniture sets: lounge sets, dining sets, daybeds, balcony sets, recliner sets, bistro sets, bar sets and firepit sets.. but why choose a fire pit set? Read more to find out why fire pit sets might be for you.

1. Make the night last as long as you want

When it gets to that point in the evening when you want to stay outside with friends or family, watch the sunset or relax into the evening chatting, having a drink, it will get chilly. A firepit set solves this issue as you can be comfortable with the warmth of the fire. 

2. They are safe

While there is a flame, there is no need to worry because our firepit sets come with a protective glass surround to keep everyone safe at all times and prevents ash from escaping the fire pit and is detachable as well.

3. Seamless design

The firepit at the centre of the table comes with a lid to keep the fire covered when not in use, and the glass top sits in the wicker for a seamless design. This means the table is also multifunctional and you can place your nibbles and drinks where the firepit would be when it is not in use.

4. Can be left outdoors all year round

Most of our garden furniture can be left outdoors all year round without it fading or deteriorating. For example the frame of the Kettler Palma Oyster Grande Firepit Set is plaited with weatherproof and UV-stabilised handwoven synthetic wicker. You can buy covers for our sets however the cushions are not season proof and should be removed from the set and stored inside or in a cushion storage box when not in use.

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Please note: descriptions are for firepit sets in general, please refer to the product descriptions online for specifics of the set you are looking at.